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Since 1960 Casarredo interprets the different needs of living in a creative and unique.
The combination of modern and classic, entered the history of design with the word Fusion has always been characteristic of our proposals.
Furniture such as value and merger of aesthetics, culture and design.

A tendency to anticipate tastes and styles that starts from the milestones of furniture (Wassily, Barcelona, ​​Saarinen tables, the collection of Le Corbusier Cassina, and all production fruit della Bauhaus) and is enriched by lamps, carpets and modern Persian, accessories and furnishings of the best brands, such as Fontana Arte, Ingo Maurer, Flos, Driade, etc. Rosenthal

Casarredo, exclusivist “Poltrona Frau”, offers solutions for studios and offices; the best of Made in Italy and beyond, with taste and elegance to enhance important workplace.

… Because the good things help you live better and, as goes the famous English saying, “I’am not rich enought to afford anything but the best”.




Casarredo, the experience and expertise gained over many years of activity, he has created not just a shop but an innovative research center the best solution for any environment, from the home to the workplace.
The expertise and passion of Casarredo technicians for their work has always characterized the style of the proposed furniture. The multiple services, from design to consulting, warranty support, allow Casarredo to differentiate itself from many simple furniture stores, and ensure the highest quality and the best service. From interior design to the advice of products, from the guarantee of the best brands of after-sales service sector, Casarredo ensures durability and value over time of great effettuati.La purchases experience and knowledge of the many products marketed together with good taste allows Casarredo to furnish each environment in complete harmony with the personality of those who live it.


Casarredo born in 1960 thanks to the intuition of Mario and Gabriella Esposto.

The brand is identified immediately on the market for the high quality of its proposals of furniture.

Over the years the success of public and findings at the national level, confirm the validity of the choices of furniture proposals.
The skilful combination of styles (modern and old) and the choice of the best products that have made and continue to be, the history of design and architecture become the hallmark of the company.

In 1978 the family Esposto decides to allocate the fifteenth century Palazzo de Pili, located in the historical center of Fano, the new showroom.
A frame of prestige that goes well with the philosophy of the brand; four exhibition floors restored with a careful architectural restoration and allow materials to see live a diverse range of ideas and proposals for furnishing. A location chosen also from major brands such as Cassina for the setting of their photo shoots.

In the 90s, always in Fano, from the recovery of the former cinema Boccaccio, located in an important building of the center, it was born the new showroom Poltrona Frau.
Again the choice of the group Casarredo was to enhance their ideas of furniture in a historical and cultural importance.
A symbiosis between the culture and the culture of the building, which in the most important contemporary designers, chosen and proposed by Casarredo, the highest expression.

Today philosophy Casarredo continues with undiminished desire and pleasure to anticipate tastes and trends that last over time.

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